As image data, we generally accept any form of image sequences in numerical order (frame_00001 to frame_0xxxx). In your own interest, the images should be present as full and uncompressed images. TIFF sequences are optimal. The files should be supplied in folders on removable media (DVD / external hard drive). It is important that only the pure program content is delivered without leader.
Your sound data must be encoded to Dolby SR matrix surround. You have to deliver a WAV or AIFF file, which has exactly the same length as your image content, one file for each reel. Dolby SR noise reduction is performed by us.
Depending on the size of your image and sound data you can deliver your content on any removable media such as Data-DVD, USB-Stick or portable hard drives. The media should be formated with FAT32 or NTFS. FTP upload is possible on request but only recommended for very short content.
Your content is recorded at 1920×1080 pixels (FullHD), nearly 2K. Therefore your material should be FullHD with an aspect ratio of 16:9. We can also scale up any kind of SD format (e.g. 720×576).
The sound data should be a stereo mix (can be matrix encoded) in a WAVE or AIFF file @48kHz. Dolby reference level should be at -12db. Important: The length of your sound file must exactly match the length of your picture content. We will handle Dolby SR noise reduction.
Short content like commercials should be processed within 7 days. Short or feature films take a little bit longer. Please contact us if you need faster processing times.

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